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Most popular Indian Hindu Names

Names Gender Meaning Favorite Names
Kamlapati Boy Lord Vishnu Select
Jagatpal Boy Caretaker Of The World ( God ) Select
Durjaya Boy Difficult To Conquer, Lord Vishnu Select
Lalitchandra Boy A Beautiful Moon Select
Apinaya Girl Expression Select
Nami Boy One of Lord Vishnu's name Select
Anubhav Boy Experience or perception Select
Gadaadhar Boy Name of lord Vishnu Select
Ulka Girl Shooting Star Select
Mahabali Boy Strong, One With Great Strength Select
Spandan Boy Heart Beat Select
Ashwatthama Boy Fiery Tempered Select
Rupesh Boy Lord Of The Form Select
Devilal Boy Son Of Godess Select
Pramesh Boy Master Of Accurate Knowledge Select
Prathamesh Boy Ord Ganesh; Lord Of The Best Select
Pavansut, Pavanputra Boy Son Of Wind (Bhim, Hanuman) Select
Shivas Boy Lord Shiva Select
Kataksha Girl Glance Select
Kausalya Girl Lord Rama's mother Select
Bhooma Girl Globe; World Select
Kauthuk Boy curiosity Select
Udbhav Boy Creation, To Arise From Select
Shreyaj Boy Select
Misri Boy Mixed Sweet Select
Pransu Boy High; Tall Select
Vagindra Boy Lord Of Speech Select
Lohitashwa Boy One With Red Horse ( Lord Shiva ), Fire Select
Vayu Boy Lord Hanuman Select
Pruthivi Boy Earth Select
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