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Most popular Indian Hindu Names

Names Gender Meaning Favorite Names
Samajas Boy Lord Shiva Select
Sambodh Boy Complete Knowledge,Wise Prudent Select
Eknath Boy A Famous Poet-Saint Of India Select
Pruthivi Boy Earth Select
Ishana Boy Another Name For Lord Vishnu Select
Muralidhar Boy One Holding A Flute (I.E. Lord Krishna) Select
Jatan Boy Nurturing Select
Chandanika Girl Diminutive Select
Shashibala Girl A girl with round (moon-like) face Select
Amalendu Boy Pure like the moon Select
Bhooma Girl Globe; World Select
Pramuditha Girl Joyous Select
Chandrak Boy Peacock Feather, Moon Select
Yudhajit Boy Victor In War Select
Udbhav Boy Creation, To Arise From Select
Manidhar Boy A Mythical Snake With Jewel In Its Hood Select
Meghdutt Boy Gift Of Clouds Select
Prathmesh Boy Lord Ganesha Select
Paramartha Boy Highest Or Divine Truth Select
Taradhish Boy Lord Of The Stars Select
Sanjog Boy Coincidence Select
Suvarnmala Girl Golden Necklace Select
Nabhomani Boy Jewel Of The Sky ( Sun) Select
Charandas Boy Servant At The Feet Of Somebody Select
Vayu Boy Lord Hanuman Select
Durjaya Boy Difficult To Conquer, Lord Vishnu Select
Pargat Boy Appearance Select
Talaketu Boy Bhishma Pitamaha Select
Pran Boy Life Select
Shrujan Boy Select


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