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Most popular Indian Hindu Names

Names Gender Meaning Favorite Names
Chandramouli Boy Moon As Crown; Lord Shiva Select
Samavart Boy Lord Vishnu Select
Vipul Boy Plenty Select
Kamlapati Boy Lord Vishnu Select
Pran Boy Life Select
Tana Boy Issue Select
Ganaraj Boy Lord Of The Clan Select
Swapnil Boy Seen In A Dream, Dreamy Select
Sahoj Boy Full Of Strength Select
Muni Boy Village God Select
Nalinikant Boy Husband Of Lotus, ( Sun) Select
Vagindra Boy Lord Of Speech Select
Vatsa Boy Son Select
Eknath Boy A Famous Poet-Saint Of India Select
Sushrut Boy A Great Surgeon Of Old Times Select
Lakshmiraman Boy Lord Vishnu Select
Charandas Boy Servant At The Feet Of Somebody Select
Prathamesh Boy Ord Ganesh; Lord Of The Best Select
Sarvajit Boy All Conquering Select
Patag Boy Sun Select
Sannidhi Boy Nearness ,Always Ready Select
Chandrahaas Boy Smiling like a moon Select
Kapidhwaj Boy One With Monkey Flag ( Arjun) Select
Prathmesh Boy Lord Ganesha Select
Pankajan Boy Lotus; Lord Vishnu Select
Tungish Boy Lord Shiva; Lord Vishnu Select
Tapeshwar Boy Lord Shiva Select
Jaldhar Boy One Who Holds Water ( Meaning Cloud) Select
Gunjal Boy Select
Gul Boy Hindu Boy Select
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