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Most popular Indian Hindu Names

Names Gender Meaning Favorite Names
Ujas Girl Bright Select
Satkar Boy Honour Respect Select
Parashar Boy A Renowned Saint Select
Purajit Boy Lord Shiva Select
Durmada Boy Hindu Boy Select
Shivas Boy Lord Shiva Select
Swarnaprabha Girl Golden light Select
Shashikala Girl Phases of moon Select
Shivakanta Girl Wife of shiva(Parvathi) Select
Alagan Boy Handsome Select
Manimala Girl A string of pearls Select
Lalchand, Boy Red Moon Select
Gurdeep Boy Lamp Of The Guru Select
Meghnad Boy Thunder Select
Ravindra Boy Sun Select
Jaldev Boy God Of Water (Lord Varun) Select
Vijay Boy Victory Select
Gaurishankar Boy Lord Shiva And Gauri ( Parvati ) Select
Sahastrabahu Boy One With Thousand Arms, Lord Shiva Select
Chapal Boy Hindu Boy Select
Nawalkishor Boy Lord Krishna Select
Stavya Boy Lord Vishnu Select
Chaturanan Boy One With Four Heads I.E. Lord Bramha Select
Sharman Boy Joy; Delight; Shelter Select
Vayu Boy Lord Hanuman Select
Waman Boy Short Select
Shishir Boy Hindu Boy,Winter,Baby Select
Ranjay Boy Select
Tarachandra Boy Star & Moon Select
Viplav Boy Drifting About, Revolution Select


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