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Most popular Indian Hindu Names

Names Gender Meaning Favorite Names
Sanjval Boy Well Lit Blazing Brightly Select
Rupendra Boy Lord Of The Form Select
Sharat Boy A Season Select
Pavankumar Boy Bhim, Hanuman ( Son Of The Wind) Select
Ushmil Girl Warm Hearted Select
Pandya Boy Select
Vagindra Boy Lord Of Speech Select
Sajiva Boy Full Of Life Select
Chapal Boy Hindu Boy Select
Japendu Boy Lord Shiva Select
Suvarnarekha Girl Ray Of Gold Select
Pratosh Boy Extreme Delight Select
Satkar Boy Honour Respect Select
Jagatprabhu Boy God Of The World Select
Ronsher Boy Lion Of The Battlefield Select
Vajrajit Boy Lord Indra Select
Mehtab Boy Moon Select
Vyas Boy Sage Who Wrote Mahabharat Select
Nartan Boy Dance Select
Manidhar Boy A Mythical Snake With Jewel In Its Hood Select
Paramjit Boy Heroic Select
Sanjog Boy Coincidence Select
Shritan Boy Lord Vishnu Select
Rupeshwar Boy Lord Of The Form Select
Umang Boy Enthusiasm Select
KrishnaVrinda Girl Trumpet flower Select
Nimai Boy Adjusted; Ascetic Select
Sharu Boy Lord Vishnu Select
Yadunand Boy Lord Krishna Select
Shaktik Boy Powerful; Mighty Select
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