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Most popular Indian Hindu Names

Names Gender Meaning Favorite Names
Ayesha Girl Daughter Of The Prophet Select
Kshipra Girl A River; One of the sacred rivers in Hinduism; Purity Select
Tanish Boy Ambition Select
Chhavi Girl Image, Radiance Select
Sriya Girl Success Select
Harsh Boy Pleasure Select
Rudra Boy Angry, Lord Shiva Select
Agraj Boy Leader, Senior Select
Naayantara Girl Star Of Our Eyes Select
Ankit Boy Conquered Select
Darpita Girl Proud Select
Tanya Girl Of The Family Select
Amrusha Girl Sudden Select
Tanmayi Girl Ecstasy Select
Shivani Girl Another Name For Parvati Select
Chaitanya Boy Knowledge , Life Select
Kailash Boy Name Of A Himalayan Peak, Abode Of Lord Shiva Select
Ashna Girl A Friend Select
Harsha Girl Happiness Select
Amodini Girl Joyful Select
Kanika Girl Tom Select
Aushi Girl Long Lived Select
Divit Boy Immortal Select
Kiara Girl Dark haired Select
Laksha Girl A White Rose Select
Anshul Boy Radiant, Bright Or Intelligent Person Select
Padimni Girl Select
Akshay Boy Indestructible, Immortal Select
Ambuj Boy Born From Water, Lotus Select
Kashika Girl The Shiny One Select


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