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Most popular Indian Hindu Names

Names Gender Meaning Favorite Names
Lajni Girl Shy Select
Yashica Girl Success Select
Adish Boy Lord Shiva, Fire Select
Rhea Girl Stream Select
Stuti Girl Praise Select
Deyaan Boy Concentration Select
Ambuj Boy Born From Water, Lotus Select
Eshaan Boy Desiring And Wishing Select
Meghna Girl A Cloud Select
Nutan Girl New Select
Ojasvi Girl Bright Select
Dakshesh Boy Lord Shiva Select
Samiha Girl Desire Select
Heer Girl Diamond Select
Prakriti Girl Nature Select
Anuja Girl Younger Sister Select
Dipti Girl Brightness Select
Samarth Boy Lord Krishna Select
Urvi Girl Earth Select
Neeti Girl Good Behaviour Select
Darshini Girl Gift of God ; Blessed Girl Select
Gunjan Girl Humming Select
Shivika Girl Palanquin Select
Thwishaa Girl Radiance Select
Nehal Girl Rainy Select
Tamanna Girl

Wish, Desire

Tanika Girl Rope Select
Tanmay Boy Engrossed,Reincarnated; Concentrate Select
Deepika Girl Little Light, A Raagini Used In Indian Music Select
Vaibhav Boy Richness,Glorious; Powerful; Prosperity Select
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