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Most popular Indian Hindu Names

Names Gender Meaning Favorite Names
Thwishaa Girl Radiance Select
Asita Girl The River Yamuna Select
Deepika Girl Little Light, A Raagini Used In Indian Music Select
Tanmay Boy Engrossed,Reincarnated; Concentrate Select
Jainil Boy Select
Sharvani Girl Goddess Parvati Select
Naagdhar Boy One Who Wears Cobra ( Lord Shiva) Select
Ajit Boy Unconquerable Select
Banita Girl Woman Select
Vaibhav Boy Richness,Glorious; Powerful; Prosperity Select
Anasuya, Anasooya Girl Wife Of Rishi Atri Select
Parthiv Boy Prince Of Earth Select
Satvik Boy Virtuous Select
Khushboo Girl Fragarance Select
Vivaan Boy Full of life Select
Namita Girl Devotee Select
Richa Girl Verses Of Sanskrit Select
Siddhi Girl Achievement Select
Aamod Boy Pleasant, accept Select
Babala Boy Above Select
Harishita Girl Pleased,happy Select
Rivan Boy Select
Arya Girl Godess Parvathi Select
Vaaman Boy Lord Vishnu Select
Avanish Boy God Of The Earth Select
Sneha Girl Love; Affection Select
Angana Girl An Suspicious Or Handsome Woman Select
Gauri Girl Goddes Parvati, Fair Complexioned Select
Tanush Boy Lord Shiva Select
Saniya Girl Moment Select
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