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Most popular Indian Hindu Names

Names Gender Meaning Favorite Names
Satvik Boy Virtuous Select
Aahwaanith Boy Wanted Select
Radhika Girl Prosperous Select
Jyotsna Girl Moon Light Select
Swasti Girl Name Of A Star Select
Mythili Girl Godess Sita Select
Megha Girl A Cloud Select
Parthiv Boy Prince Of Earth Select
Hansini Girl Swan Select
Anshula Girl Sunny Select
Sanyukta Girl Joined, United Select
Prerana Girl Inspiration Select
Deepali Girl Collection Of Lamps Select
Pavani Girl Pure, Holy Select
Lajni Girl Shy Select
Erisha Girl Speech Select
Dharini Girl Earth Select
Tanmay Boy Engrossed,Reincarnated; Concentrate Select
Angarika Girl A Flame-Coloured Flower-Palash Select
Niti Girl Morality Select
Naagdhar Boy One Who Wears Cobra ( Lord Shiva) Select
Aparijita Girl Undefeated; Name Of A Flower Select
Hiral Girl Lustrous Select
Kamakshi Girl One With Lotus Like Eyes Select
Sarakshi Girl Good Sight Select
Arundhati Girl A Star Select
Nisha Girl Night, Vision Select
Avanish Boy God Of The Earth Select
Rivan Boy Select
Aanandhi Girl Always happy Select
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