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Most popular Indian Hindu Names

Names Gender Meaning Favorite Names
Bhavesh Boy Lord Of The World, Lord Shiva Select
Lailesh Boy Select
Krittika Girl The 3rd Nakshatra Select
Esha Girl Desire Select
Siya Girl Sita Select
Nihal Boy Happy, Contented Select
Pooja, Puja Girl Worship Select
Nishtha Girl Devotion Select
Swati Girl Star Select
Samita Girl Collected Select
Malavika Girl Princess Of Malawa Select
Tanuja Girl Daughter Select
Prateeksha Girl Waiting Select
Bhakti Girl Devotion Select
Nyna Girl Dream ,eye Select
Archana Girl Worship Select
Monica Girl A Wise Counsellor Select
Bhuvana Girl Goddess Of Earth Select
Anurag Boy Attachment, Devotion, Love Select
Darpan Girl Mirror Select
Cheshta Girl To Try Select
Shraddha Girl Faith Select
Bhavana , Bhavna Girl Feelings, Sentiments Select
Ojal Girl Vision Select
Amla Girl The Pure One Select
Shamita Girl Peacemaker Select
Chirag Boy Lamp Select
Kadambari Girl Goddess Select
Saharsh Boy Joyful; Glad Select
Yatee Girl Goddess Durga Select
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