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Most popular Indian Hindu Names

Names Gender Meaning Favorite Names
Tanay Boy Son,Of The Family Select
Hansa Girl Swan Select
Chinmay Boy Full Of Knowledge, Happiness Select
Angana Girl An Suspicious Or Handsome Woman Select
Nakshatra Girl Pearl Select
Namish Boy Lord Vishnu Select
Nayana Girl Eyes Select
Amit Boy Endless, Boundless Select
Sanyukta Girl Joined, United Select
Yatee Girl Goddess Durga Select
Mukta Girl Pearl Select
Cauvery, Cavery Girl Name Of A River In India Select
Yukta Girl A Latitude Select
Saket Boy Lord Krishna Select
Shamita Girl Peacemaker Select
Chetan Boy Life, Living Creature Select
Atharvan Boy Knower Of The Arthara Vedas Select
Rashi, Raashi Girl Collection Select
Tejasvi Girl Energetic Select
Arundhati Girl A Star Select
Swati Girl Star Select
Juhi Girl A Flower Select
Aparijita Girl Undefeated; Name Of A Flower Select
Ipsita Girl Desired Select
Amla Girl The Pure One Select
Rajasi Girl Goddesss Durga Select
Malavika Girl Princess Of Malawa Select
Arin Boy With Spokes; Discuss Select
Samidha Girl An Offering For A Sacred Fire Select
Cheshta Girl To Try Select


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