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Most popular Indian Hindu Names

Names Gender Meaning Favorite Names
Gaurika Girl A Young Girl Select
Dwaitha Girl Disciplined, strong, stable, Select
Arati, Aaarti, Arti Girl Worship Select
Mohit Boy Enchanted By Beauty Select
Hansa Girl Swan Select
Ashish Boy Blessing Select
Kairav Boy White Lotus Select
Daya Girl Kindness, Mercy Select
Maneet Boy One Who Wins Heart Select
Yukta Girl A Latitude Select
Shubhi Girl Good Luck Select
Pavi Girl Lightning Select
Adrija Girl goddess parvathi Select
Chinmay Boy Full Of Knowledge, Happiness Select
Payal Girl Anklet Select
Parul Girl Name Of A Flower Select
Jhanvi Girl The river Ganga, daughter of Yaksha the wise Select
Vansh Boy Coming Generation Of Father Select
Krithik Boy One Of The Shiva's Son Muruga's Name Select
Charita Girl Having A Good Character Select
Bishakha Girl Star Select
Ashnaa Girl Daughter Of King Bali Select
Zara Girl Princess Select
Mukta Girl Pearl Select
Tisya Girl Auspicious Select
Tapasya Girl Meditation Select
Nayana Girl Eyes Select
Rashmi Girl Rays Of The Early Morning Sun Select
Amrapali Girl Famous Courtesan Who Became A Evotee Of Buddha Select
Asha Girl Hope Select
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