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Most popular Indian Hindu Names

Names Gender Meaning Favorite Names
Tisya Girl Auspicious Select
Jay Boy Victory Select
Kunal Boy Hindu Boy Select
Chhaya Girl Shadow Select
Tejaswini Girl Lustrous Select
Ashnaa Girl Daughter Of King Bali Select
Aghosh Boy Quiet, Soundless Select
Charita Girl Having A Good Character Select
Payal Girl Anklet Select
Vansh Boy Coming Generation Of Father Select
Mugdha Girl Spellbound Select
Amal Boy Bright, Clean, Pure Select
Tanu Girl Slim Select
Annapurna Girl Goddess Of Food Select
Shalini Girl Courteous Select
Suravi Girl Sun Select
Sarthak Boy Important; Significant Select
Neeraja Girl Lotus, Goddess Lakshmi Select
Vainavi Girl Gold Select
Zara Girl Princess Select
Piyush Boy Amrit , Elixir, Drink That Makes One Immortal Select
Dayanita Girl Tender Select
Radha Girl Select
Shresthi Girl Best Of All Select
Sachchit Boy Lord Brahma,Truth, Consciousness Select
Aaruthira Girl Mellowness; Tranquility; Softness Select
Alaap Boy Musical Notes In A Order Select
Angad Boy Mythological Name Select
Bhamini Girl Beautiful Select
Ajar Boy One Who Is Not Old Select
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