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Most popular Indian Hindu Names

Names Gender Meaning Favorite Names
Ashvin Boy A Cavalier Select
Adrija Girl goddess parvathi Select
Agendra Boy Himalayan Mountain Select
Tarunika Girl Young Girl Select
Radha Girl Select
Hrithik Boy Hindu Boy Select
Dwaitha Girl Disciplined, strong, stable, Select
Zara Girl Princess Select
Kush Boy Son Of Rama Select
Amal Boy Bright, Clean, Pure Select
Chaitali Girl Born In The Chaitra Month Select
Shravani Girl Born In The Month Of Shravan Select
Siya Girl Sita Select
Kartik Boy Name Of A Month From Indian Calendar Select
Thavanesh Boy Lord Shiva Select
Saguna Girl Possessed Of Good Qualities Select
Loukya Girl Worldly Wise Select
Arati, Aaarti, Arti Girl Worship Select
Shrimayi Girl Fortunate Select
Mayuri Girl A Peahen Select
Asha Girl Hope Select
Ela Girl Cardamom Tree Select
Paravi Girl Bird Select
Durga Girl Goddess Parvati Select
Atin Boy The Great One Select
Eesha Girl Goddess Parvati, purity Select
Hitesh Boy Hindu Boy Select
Rishima Girl Moonbeam Select
Dhiren Boy One Who Is Strong, Powerful Select
Gagan Boy The Sky, Heaven Select


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