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Most popular Indian Hindu Names

Names Gender Meaning Favorite Names
Amrik Boy Nectar, Select
Anuj Boy Later Born, Younger Select
Tiya Girl Bird Select
Triya Girl Young Girl Select
Nirav Boy Without Sound, Silent Select
Naveena Girl New Select
Ridit Boy Select
Banhi Girl Fire Select
Manali Girl A Bird Select
Mudita Girl Happy Select
Mudra Girl Expression Select
Vithika Girl Pathway Select
Naimish Boy Select
Nehal Boy The One Who Is Gratified Select
Sukriti Girl Good Deed Select
Preeti Girl Love Select
Spoorthi Girl Inspiration Select
Vamika Girl Durga Select
Sadgati Girl Liberation Select
Amar Boy Forever, Immortal Select
Gagan Boy The Sky, Heaven Select
Hanshal Boy Swan Like Select
Adi Boy Beginning , First Born Select
Talika Girl Nightingale; Palm of hand Select
Kalpana Girl Imagination Select
Divyesh Boy Sun Select
Harsh Girl Happiness Select
Yashaswini Girl One Who Is Successful Select
Archa Girl Worship Select
Madhulika Girl Honey Select
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