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Most popular Indian Hindu Names

Names Gender Meaning Favorite Names
Kalpana Girl Imagination Select
Hema Girl Golden Select
Tia Girl Three Select
Durvish Boy One Who Cannot Be Affected By Poison (Lord Shiva) Select
Adi Boy Beginning , First Born Select
Vithika Girl Pathway Select
Teertha Girl Place Of Pilgrimage Select
Mona Girl Just One Select
Karishma Girl Miracle Select
Anuj Boy Later Born, Younger Select
Rithik Boy Stream Select
Shree Girl Respected Select
Gaurav Boy Honor, Respect, Pride Select
Agendra Boy Himalayan Mountain Select
Ambud Boy Cloud Select
Namit Boy Bowed Down, Modest Select
Nehal Boy The One Who Is Gratified Select
Bhairavi Girl A Melody In Classical Music Select
Ateet Boy Past Select
Jaya Girl Victory Select
Arulsyankar Boy Lord Shiva's Name Select
Theertha Girl Place of pilgrimage Select
Manali Girl A Bird Select
Nirav Boy Without Sound, Silent Select
Kushali Girl Clever Girl Select
Prathysha Girl Early Morning Select
Naveena Girl New Select
Medhansh Boy One Who Born With Intelligence Select
Dakshin Boy South Direction Select
Kaish Boy Lord Shiva Select
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