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Most popular Indian Hindu Names

Names Gender Meaning Favorite Names
Rohita Girl Brahma's Daughter Select
Deepesh Boy Lord Of Light , Sun Select
Naveena Girl New Select
Kshanika Girl Momentary Select
Ridit Boy Select
Dipashri Girl Lamp Select
Hitesh Boy Hindu Boy Select
Thakarshi Boy Lord Krishna Select
Yutika Girl


Mudra Girl Expression Select
Avinash Boy Indestructible Select
Ajitabh Boy One Who Has Conquered The Sky Select
Shree Girl Respected Select
Shefali Girl A Flower Select
Kaish Boy Lord Shiva Select
Dharmi Girl Religious Select
Shanasa Girl Praise, Wish Select
Sadgati Girl Liberation Select
Hemangi Girl Golden Body Select
Kaushal Boy Clever, Skilled Select
Kripa Girl Mercy Select
Jayant Boy Victorious, Lord Vishnu Select
Shuchi Girl Pious, Pure, Bright Select
Amar Boy Forever, Immortal Select
Dyaus Boy King Of Heaven And The First Man On Earth Select
Dikshan Boy Hindu Boy Select
Monish Boy Lord Of Mind Select
Harsh Girl Happiness Select
Nikki Girl Small Select
Talika Girl Nightingale; Palm of hand Select
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