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Most popular Indian Hindu Names

Names Gender Meaning Favorite Names
Tia Girl Three Select
Naimish Boy Select
Maulik Boy Precious Select
Shipra Girl Holy River In Ujjain Select
Prathysha Girl Early Morning Select
Ojas Boy Brilliance, Shine, Glow Select
Yashaswini Girl One Who Is Successful Select
Teertha Girl Place Of Pilgrimage Select
Hanshal Boy Swan Like Select
Bhairavi Girl A Melody In Classical Music Select
Varsha Girl Rain Select
Mrinalini Girl Lotus Select
Jayant Boy Victorious, Lord Vishnu Select
Amar Boy Forever, Immortal Select
Nikki Girl Small Select
Samar Boy War Select
Sadgati Girl Liberation Select
Kushali Girl Clever Girl Select
Madhulika Girl Honey Select
Kalpana Girl Imagination Select
Viraj Boy Resplendent, Splendour Select
Nirav Boy Without Sound, Silent Select
Anupa Girl Pond Select
Leela Girl Divine Play Select
Dharmi Girl Religious Select
Jaya Girl Victory Select
Madan Boy God Of Love, Cupid, Bee Select
Kshitij Boy Horizon Select
Kaish Boy Lord Shiva Select
Rashmika Girl Ray Of Light Select
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