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Most popular Indian Hindu Names

Names Gender Meaning Favorite Names
Sanchali Girl Movement Select
Jhilmil Girl Sparkling Select
Ritesh Boy Lord Of Truth Select
Shiksha Girl Education Select
Prajval Boy Brightness Select
Jayashri Girl Goddess Of Victory Select
Bhagyalakshmi Girl Goddess Of Wealth Select
Ashutosh Boy One Who Becomes Happy Easily, Shiva Select
Vyomini Girl Divine Select
Twinkle Girl Glow ,shine ,sparkle Select
Rajat Boy Silver,Courage Select
Anumati Girl Consent Select
Mahitha Girl Greatness Select
Saatatya Boy Never Ending Select
Anand Boy Bliss,Happiness Select
Kanan Girl A Garden Select
Neelakshi Girl Blue-Eyed Select
Sajili Girl Decorated Select
Varshitha Girl Ran Select
Nirmayi Girl Without Blemish Select
Snigda Girl Affectionate Select
Deepak Boy Lamp, Kindle Select
Tanvir Boy Strong Select
Kushal Boy Safe; Clever Select
Unnati Girl Progress Select
Padma Girl Lotus, Goddess Lakshmi Select
Pratyusha Girl Early morning Select
Tarini Girl Goddess Parvati Select
Siddhika Girl One Who Attains Select
Kokila Girl The Cuckoo Select
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