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Most popular Indian Hindu Names

Names Gender Meaning Favorite Names
Manik Boy Gem Select
Dhaval Boy Fair Complexioned Select
Ramita Girl Pleasing Select
Vandita Girl Adored Select
Neera Girl Water Select
Meenakshi Girl A Women With Fish Like Eyes Select
Yachika Boy Application Select
Pratyush Boy Sun Select
Shrijani Girl Creative Select
Ruchi Girl Taste Select
Tarun Boy Youth , Young Select
Parni Girl Leafy Select
Sonakshi Girl Golden-Eyed Select
Rewa Girl Swift Select
Hena Girl Flower Select
Kanak Boy Gold Select
Kayaan Boy The Name Of A Dynasty Of King Kaikobad Select
Mukti Girl Ultimate Freedom Select
Sahas Boy Brave ,Bravery Select
Shaili Girl Style Select
Agnimitra Girl Friend of fire Select
Roma Girl Lakshmi Select
Gautam Boy Hindu Boy Select
Prabha Girl Light Select
Rajit Boy Brilliant Select
Mahalakshmi Girl Goddess Lakshmi Select
Bala Girl Young Girl Select
Revati Girl A Star Select
Prakruti Girl Nature Select
Vahin Boy Lord Shiva Select
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