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Most popular Indian Hindu Names

Names Gender Meaning Favorite Names
Tamasi Girl Night Select
Sadhil Boy Perfect Select
Kavish Boy Lord of poets Select
Lily Girl A Flower Select
Kusumita Girl Blossomed Select
Vaishali Girl Name of an ancient city Select
Sangeeta Girl Musical Select
Pramiti Girl Knowledge Of Truth Select
Madhubala Girl A Girl As Sweet As Honey Select
Ajatashatru Boy Without Enemies Select
Harith Boy Green Colour Select
Nalin Boy Lotus Select
Inesh Boy King Of Kings Select
Paras Boy A Stone ( Mythical Stone ) Which Can Turn Anything Into Gold Select
Smriti Girl Recollection Select
Jyoti Girl Flame, Light Select
Kiran Girl Ray Of Light Select
Shashini Girl Of The Moon Select
Falguni Girl Select
Saparna Girl Leafy Select
Rimjhim Girl Select
Lakshmi, Laxmi Girl Goddess Of Wealth, Wife Of Lord Vishnu Select
Manasi Girl A Lady Select
Shaswati Girl Eternal Select
Udita Girl Sunrise Select
Manthan Boy Reflection Through Study Select
Adah Girl Decorated,Ornament Select
Manjika Girl Sweet Select
Manjusri Girl Goddess Saraswati Select
Hemant Boy One Of The 6 Seasons ( Part Of Winter Select
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