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Most popular Indian Hindu Names

Names Gender Meaning Favorite Names
Nayan Boy Eye Select
Vidhaan Boy Creator Select
Gitanjali Girl A Collection Of Poems Select
Suchi Girl Shining; Bright; Pure Select
Prateek Boy Symbol, First Word In A Sentence Select
Jyotsnapriya Girl Beloved of moon -light Select
Bhoumik Boy Land Owner Select
Harshad Boy One Who Gives Pleasure Select
Padmaja Girl Born Of A Lotus Select
Virika Girl Bravery Select
Yug Boy Yug Select
Tejaswi Girl Lustrous Select
Udita Girl Sunrise Select
Anang Boy Formless; Divine Select
Anirudhha Boy Independent, Unstoppable Select
Varun Boy God Of The Water, Neptune Select
Smriti Girl Recollection Select
Hiten Boy Hindu Boy Select
Kadambini Girl Clouds Select
Jyotika Girl Light Select
Dhananjay Boy One Who Wins Wealth, Lord Arjun, Lord Vishnu. Select
Manjusri Girl Goddess Saraswati Select
Kanchan Girl Gold Select
Bindiya, Bindu Girl Drop, Point Select
Rajani, Rajini Girl Night Select
Shalaka Girl Goddess Parvati Select
Kavish Boy Lord of poets Select
Tamasi Girl Night Select
Adah Girl Decorated,Ornament Select
Kaivalya Girl Liberation Select
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