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Most popular Indian Hindu Names

Names Gender Meaning Favorite Names
Smriti Girl Recollection Select
Atulya Boy Unweighable, Incomparable Select
Pulkit Boy Happy; Thrilled; Overjoyed Select
Manvir Boy Select
Shalaka Girl Goddess Parvati Select
Anang Boy Formless; Divine Select
Anjal Boy Hollow Formed By Joining Two Hands Select
Sadhil Boy Perfect Select
Prita Girl Dear One Select
Rucha Girl Bright Select
Renesh Boy Lord Of Love Select
Anirudhha Boy Independent, Unstoppable Select
Jyotika Girl Light Select
Shailja Girl Daughter Of Mountain Select
Jaidev Boy God Of Victory Select
Uttara Girl Superior Select
Gaurish Boy Lord Shiva Select
Tanav Boy Flute Select
Mohan Boy Charming, Fascinating, Lord Krishna Select
Bhagirathi Girl The Ganges Select
Vidhaan Boy Creator Select
Ranita Girl Tinkling Select
Mitul Girl Measured; Moderate Select
Rupal Girl Made Of Silver Select
Param Boy Ultimate Select
Chandani, Chandini Girl Moon- Light Select
Henna Girl Mehndi Select
Karthika Girl Name of the Star Select
Mithran Boy Sun Select
Sonya Girl Wisdom Select


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