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Most popular Indian Hindu Names

Names Gender Meaning Favorite Names
Bipasha Girl A River, Beas Select
Shashini Girl Of The Moon Select
Amardeep Boy Eternal Light Select
Anish Boy Hindu Boy Select
Avnitha Girl The earth Select
Ketaki Girl A Monsoon Flower Select
Rajani, Rajini Girl Night Select
Pradeepta Girl Glowing Select
Sonia Girl Beautiful Select
Sahas Boy Brave ,Bravery Select
Urmi Girl Wave Select
Dhanesh Boy Lord Of Wealth ( Kuber, Vishnu ) Select
Harith Boy Green Colour Select
Sourabhi Girl Fragrance, The Celestial Cow Select
Sarvesh Boy Master Of All, God, King Select
Kadambini Girl Clouds Select
Kamna Girl Wish Select
Paras Boy A Stone ( Mythical Stone ) Which Can Turn Anything Into Gold Select
Agnimitra Girl Friend of fire Select
Manthan Boy Reflection Through Study Select
Nalin Boy Lotus Select
Tusti Girl Peace, Happiness Select
Hemant Boy One Of The 6 Seasons ( Part Of Winter Select
Savita Girl Sun Select
Sadhil Boy Perfect Select
Ashir Boy Select
Krithi Girl A work of art Select
Shailja Girl Daughter Of Mountain Select
Inesh Boy King Of Kings Select
Ranjana Girl Satisfaction Select
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