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Most popular Indian Hindu Names

Names Gender Meaning Favorite Names
Kamala Girl Goddess Lakshmi Select
Parineetha Girl Married woman Select
Bhagirathi Girl The Ganges Select
Param Boy Ultimate Select
Yash Boy Victory, glory Select
Gaura Girl Goddes Parvati Select
Gaurish Boy Lord Shiva Select
Adith Boy From the begining Select
Heet Boy Best?Wishing Select
Ishrit Boy Hindu Boy Select
Manvir Boy Select
Tuhina Girl Snow Select
Smita Girl Smiling Select
Nabhi Girl Central Select
Jaswant Boy Victorious ( Yashwant ) Select
Seema Girl Border, Boundary Select
Gopika Girl Cowherd Girls Select
Ishta Girl Another Name For Lord Vishnu Select
Amara Boy Immortal Select
Indu Girl Moon Select
Hiten Boy Hindu Boy Select
Kamnika Girl Beautiful Select
Atul Boy Matchless Select
Pushthi Girl Confirmation Select
Badrinath Boy Lord Of Mount Badri, Vishnu Select
Mukul Boy Bud, Body, Earth , Soul Select
Geeti Girl A Song Select
Sindhuja Girl Goddess Laxmi Select
Ruchira Girl Desirable Select
Neeraj Boy Born From Water (Lotus, Pearl) Select
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