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Most popular Indian Hindu Names

Names Gender Meaning Favorite Names
Nabhi Girl Central Select
Titiksha Girl Forgiveness Select
Rigved Boy Select
Madhulata Girl Sweet Creeper Select
Parijat Girl A Celestial Flower Select
Shashi Girl Night Select
Harteij Boy Radiance Of Lord Select
Daman Boy Rope; Girdle Select
Toshale Girl One Who Satisfy Select
Pankaja Girl Lotus Select
Nilay Boy Home, Abode Select
Bhairav Boy One With Frightening Voice, Lord Shiva Select
Mudrika Girl Ring Select
Archan Girl Worship Select
Neelam Girl Sapphire Select
Shreyansh Boy Select
Sai Boy Flower, Everywhere Select
Samanyu Boy Lord Shiva Select
Suditi Girl Bright Select
Aviraj Boy To Shine As Bright As The Sun Select
Mayur Boy Peacock Select
Veer Boy Brave Select
Toral Girl A Folk Heroine Select
Panna Girl Emerald Select
Abhinandana Girl Congratulations, happiness Select
Mandira Girl Home Select
Kumkum Girl Vermilion Select
Ramanika Girl Handsome Select
Prabhav Boy Creation, Lord Vishnu Select
Bhadrak Boy Handsome Select


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