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Most popular Indian Hindu Names

Names Gender Meaning Favorite Names
Rajdeep Boy Best Of Kings Select
Pavana Girl Of The Wind Select
Abhijay Boy Victorious Select
Yatharth Boy Select
Yash Boy Glory, Victory Select
Taksa Boy A Son Of Bharata Hindu Boy Select
Badhra Girl Full moon Select
Raajyashree Boy Propriety of the king Select
Mitesh Boy One With Few Desires Select
Nandan Boy Friend , King, Son, One Who Brings Happiness Select
Takshak Boy King Of Serpents Select
Sourabhi Girl Fragrance, The Celestial Cow Select
Manoj Boy Born Of Mind, Kamdev Select
Kashi Girl Varanasi, The Holy City In India Select
Purnima, Poornima Girl Full Moon Select
Avalok Boy One Who Beholds Select
Balamani Boy Young Jewel Select
Sanskar Boy Up - Bringing Select
Abhindra Boy King of heaven Select
Lakshaki Girl Goddess sita Select
Lata Girl A Creeper Select
Madhav Krishna Boy Select
Mohin Boy Attractive Select
Srividya Girl Wealth And Knowledge Select
Dhiwyannshu Boy Hindu Boy Select
Bhanu Boy Sun Select
Sudipti Girl Brightness Select
Ketan Boy Mark, Sign, Dwelling Select
Sparsh Boy Touch Select
Ishwari Girl Goddess Select


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