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Most popular Indian Hindu Names

Names Gender Meaning Favorite Names
Pratima Girl Idol Select
Kelsy Girl Mountain or spring Select
Mohan Boy Charming, Fascinating, Lord Krishna Select
Anniruddha Boy Son Of Pradyummna Select
Punita Girl Sacred, Holy Select
Shivank Boy Mark Of Lord Select
Lakshaki Girl Goddess sita Select
Ketan Boy Mark, Sign, Dwelling Select
Nirbhay Boy Fearless Select
Nilay Boy Home, Abode Select
Keertana Girl Chaning of religious hymns Select
Padmini Girl Lotus Select
Pavana Girl Of The Wind Select
Avish Boy Ocean Select
Bhairav Boy One With Frightening Voice, Lord Shiva Select
Lohith Boy Beautiful; Lord Shiva Select
Shuchita Girl Purity Select
Suhasini Girl Name Of A Goddess Select
Vanhishikha Girl Flame Select
Kumkum Girl Vermilion Select
Jamini Girl Night Select
Dhiwyannshu Boy Hindu Boy Select
Sukanya Girl Good Girl Select
Gaathaa Girl Story Select
Bharat Boy India, Universal Monarch Select
Toshale Girl One Who Satisfy Select
Ramanika Girl Handsome Select
Pratik Boy Symbol Select
Anil Boy God Of Wind Select
Abhindra Boy King of heaven Select
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