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Most popular Indian Hindu Names

Names Gender Meaning Favorite Names
Archan Girl Worship Select
Malhar Boy A Raga Used In Indian Music Select
Mohanish Boy Attractive God, Krishna Select
Manoj Boy Born Of Mind, Kamdev Select
Parag Boy Pollen Grains, Sandal Wood Select
Amraj Boy Select
Taksa Boy A Son Of Bharata Hindu Boy Select
Raghavendra Boy Another Name For Lord Rama Select
Ketan Boy Mark, Sign, Dwelling Select
Indu Girl Moon Select
Teerth Boy Holy Place, Sacred Water Select
Samrat Boy Emperor Select
Raj Boy King,Kingdom Select
Pushpa Girl Flower Select
Chaitali, Chaitalee Girl Girl Born In Month Of Chaitra Select
Jamini Girl Night Select
Daya Boy Mercy Select
Pavana Girl Of The Wind Select
Rosy Girl Deep Pink Select
Jayanti Girl Victorious, Durga Select
Reshma Girl Silken Select
Mira Girl Light; A red giant star; Name of a devotee of Krishna; Saintly woman Select
Vaarin Boy Ocean Select
Manjula Girl Melodious Select
Kumkum Girl Vermilion Select
Ramanika Girl Handsome Select
Nandan Boy Friend , King, Son, One Who Brings Happiness Select
Anniruddha Boy Son Of Pradyummna Select
Sourabhi Girl Fragrance, The Celestial Cow Select
Mohin Boy Attractive Select


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