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Most popular Indian Hindu Names

Names Gender Meaning Favorite Names
Wamika Girl Goddess Durga Select
Juily Girl A Flower Select
Lorena Girl Crowned with laurels Select
Matangi Girl Goddess Durga Select
Manoj Boy Born Of Mind, Kamdev Select
Kashmira Girl Girl From Kashmir Select
Ravish/Ravit Boy Sun Select
Padmini Girl Lotus Select
Avalok Boy One Who Beholds Select
Suhasini Girl Name Of A Goddess Select
Lakshaki Girl Goddess sita Select
Sudipti Girl Brightness Select
Vidyut Boy Brilliant; Lightening Select
Parag Boy Pollen Grains, Sandal Wood Select
Raghavendra Boy Another Name For Lord Rama Select
Jayaditya Boy Victorious Sun Select
Padmakshi Girl One whose eyes are as beautiful as a lotus,Goddess Lakshmi Select
Kalikesh Boy Select
Jahi Boy Dignified Select
Sharna Girl Protection Select
Pavana Girl Of The Wind Select
Devanand Boy Joy Of God Select
Abhindra Boy King of heaven Select
Shuchita Girl Purity Select
Nila Girl Blue Select
Sparsh Boy Touch Select
Ranak Boy King Select
Abhinandana Girl Congratulations, happiness Select
Kelsy Girl Mountain or spring Select
Mudrika Girl Ring Select
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