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Most popular Indian Hindu Names

Names Gender Meaning Favorite Names
Asmee Girl Self-Confident Select
Abhisar Boy Companion Select
Abhinivesh Boy Desire Select
Maan Boy Mind Select
Arpita Girl Dedicated Select
Rishika Girl Saintly Select
Adarsh Boy Ideal Select
Kashvi Girl Shining Select
Amulya Girl Priceless Select
Antara Girl A Notation In Indian Music Select
Pakhi Girl Bird Select
Ankita Girl One With Auspicious Marks, Empress Select
Anshu Girl Sun Select
Maanika Girl Agemstone - Ruby Select
Kanishka Girl Name Of A King Select
Anushri Girl Pretty Select
Tanisha Girl Ambition Select
Aniketh Boy Lord Of All Select
Shravya Girl Musical Tone Select
Ahana Girl First rays of sun Select
Sejal Girl One With Depth Of Character Select
Diksha Girl Initiation Select
Bhavika Girl Cheerful Expression Select
Ishani Girl Goddess Durga Select
Amrita Girl Immortality Select
Prisha Girl God's gift Select
Hardik Boy Hindu Boy Select
Anushka Girl Lightning Select
Eshani Girl Goddess Parvathi Select
Jahnavi Girl Ganga River In India Select
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