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Most popular Indian Hindu Names

Names Gender Meaning Favorite Names
Yugank Boy End Of An Era Select
Shashank Boy Moon Select
Nishit Boy Sharp, Pointed Select
Rithish Boy Select
Panchali Girl Draupadi's Name Select
Baneet Boy Polite Select
Vijval Boy Intelligent Select
Minati Girl Prayer Select
Manyu Boy Mind Select
Siddhima Girl Achievement Select
Chameli Girl Creeper With Sweet Scented Flower Select
Ojaswini Girl Lustrous Select
Daulat Boy Wealth Select
Rajal Boy Select
Janav Boy Protecting men Select
Keertana Girl Chaning of religious hymns Select
Gaathaa Girl Story Select
Manjeet Boy Winner Of Mind Select
Samaksh Boy Select
Neer Boy Select
Hemendra Boy Lord Of Gold Select
Roopam Girl Beautiful Select
Sohan Boy Good Looking,Handsome Select
Iha Girl The earth Select
Tej Boy Light, Lustrous Select
Kamana Girl Desire Select
Pallavini Girl With New Leaves Select
Urvashi Girl The Most Beautiful Apsara In The Universe Select
Ambikapathi Boy Lord Of Shiva Select
Amitabh Boy One With Endless Splendor Select


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