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Most popular Indian Hindu Names

Names Gender Meaning Favorite Names
Taran Boy Raft, Heaven,Lord Vishnu Select
Dharesh Boy King, Lord Of Land Select
Sanskar Boy Up - Bringing Select
Anu Girl An atom ,Angel Select
Mitesh Boy One With Few Desires Select
Avanindra Boy King Of The Earth Select
Sajiv Boy Full Of Life,Lively Select
Taruna Girl Young Girl Select
Karna, Karan Boy Eldest Brother Of Pandavas, Ear Select
Harteij Boy Radiance Of Lord Select
Sanay Boy Prayer; To Praise Select
Magana Girl Engrossed Select
Subitha Girl Beautyful , Nice girl Select
Bhuvanesh Boy Lord Vishnu Select
Rutvij Boy Select
Charulekha Girl Beautiful Select
Taruni Girl Young Girl Select
Kallolee Girl Full Of Joy Select
Teerth Boy Holy Place, Sacred Water Select
Roshana Girl Select
Ramona Girl Might Protector Select
Pavan Boy Wind Select
Badri prasad Boy Gift Of Badri Select
Kishan Boy Lord Krishna Select
Adheesh Boy King, god Select
Sapan Girl Dream Select
Keshi Girl A Woman With Beautiful Hairs Select
Nischal Boy Calm Select
Uditi Girl Rising Select
Rajanigandha Girl A Flower Select
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