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Most popular Indian Hindu Names

Names Gender Meaning Favorite Names
Abiradhi Girl Delight; Pleasure; Joy; Jovialit; Hilarity Select
Amulaya Boy Invaluable Select
Kamana Girl Desire Select
Phalguni Girl Full Moon Day In The Month Of Phalgun Select
Vijval Boy Intelligent Select
Sachisth Boy Most Powerful Helpful Select
Shashank Boy Moon Select
Nishit Boy Sharp, Pointed Select
Bhadrak Boy Handsome Select
Naishadha Girl Poetry Select
Azmin Girl A Star Select
Keertana Girl Chaning of religious hymns Select
Yugank Boy End Of An Era Select
Karna, Karan Boy Eldest Brother Of Pandavas, Ear Select
Hridayesh Boy King Of Heart Select
Pallavini Girl With New Leaves Select
Baneet Boy Polite Select
Sajal Boy Moist Select
Dasharath Boy One With 10 Chariots, Lord Ram's Father Select
Reshmi Girl Silken Select
Sadiksha Boy Good Intention Select
Siddhima Girl Achievement Select
Milind Boy Honey Bee, Krishna Select
Teerth Boy Holy Place, Sacred Water Select
Tavish Boy Heaven Select
Maitreya Boy Friend Select
Ashok Boy One Without Sorrow Select
Vyom Boy The Universe Select
Minati Girl Prayer Select
Kallolee Girl Full Of Joy Select
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