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Most popular Indian Hindu Names

Names Gender Meaning Favorite Names
Dipali Girl row of lights Select
Bhumin Boy Son Of The Earth Select
Dhananad Boy Pleasure Of Having Wealth Select
Naagendra Boy Lord Of Serpents ( Vaasuki ) Select
Indrina Girl Deep Select
Madhukar Boy Lover, Honey Bee Select
Kathit Boy Hindu Boy Select
Nachiketa Boy Fire Select
Praneet Boy Requested Select
Daulat Boy Wealth Select
Kushagra Boy Sharp; Shrewd Select
Devangana Girl Celestial Maid Select
Kelsy Girl Mountain or spring Select
Karunesh Boy Lord of Mercy Select
Kanan Boy Forest Select
Ravish/Ravit Boy Sun Select
Mritul Boy Soft Eshwar Stuff Select
Chakshan Boy Hindu Boy Select
Eklavya Boy Student Who Learned Bow By Watching Select
Kartheek Boy A Hindu Calendar Month Select
Deepankar Boy One Who Lights Lamps Select
Abhineeth Boy Serene, loving, forgiving Select
Vilina Girl Merged, devoted Select
Bhaarati Girl Goddess of knowledge and education Select
Bhudev Boy Lord Of Earthe Select
Chrirag Boy Hindu Boy Select
Neer Boy Select
Devraj Boy King Of Gods ( Lord Indra) Select
Sanket Boy Signal Select
Vardhan Boy Lord Shiva Select


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