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Most popular Indian Hindu Names

Names Gender Meaning Favorite Names
Gaayatree Girl A sacred verse, a Goddess Select
Trinetra Girl Goddess Durga Select
Ishir Boy Another Name For Agni Select
Saransh Boy In Brief Select
Pushpa Girl Flower Select
Rekha Girl Line Select
Sanchit Boy Collection, brought together Select
Veekshith Boy Select
Suchita Girl Beautiful Select
Tapati Girl The Sun's Daughter Select
Nachiketa Boy Fire Select
Eklavya Boy Student Who Learned Bow By Watching Select
Shrihan Boy Lord Vishnu Select
Anan Boy Cloud Select
Khushwant Boy One Full Of Happiness Select
Kishore Boy Teenager Select
Rahi Boy Traveller Select
Ruchir Boy Radiant Select
Niraj Boy Born From Water ( Eg Lotus Flower, Pearl ) Select
Sahasvat Boy Full Of Valour; Victorious Select
Rakesh Boy Lord Of The Night ( Moon ) Select
Kirit Boy Crown, Tiara Select
Kerani Girl Sacred Bells Select
Romila Girl Heartfelt Select
Shaan Boy Peace Select
Jaideep Boy Victory to the light Select
Adarsha Girl AdarshaAmbition; Aspiration Select
Kanai Boy Lord Krishna Select
Kanha Boy Lord Krishna Select
Shri Girl Lustre Select
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