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Most popular Indian Hindu Names

Names Gender Meaning Favorite Names
Shrey Boy Marevellous Select
Parvati Girl A River Select
Nikhilesh Boy Lord Of The Universe Select
Rushabh Boy Decoration Select
Sadajit Boy Always Victorious Select
Nirmala Girl Pure Select
Sachish Boy Lord Indra Select
Aditya vardhan Boy One who embellishes the sun Select
Vajra Girl Diamond, durga Select
Kanai Boy Lord Krishna Select
Shivam Boy Auspicious;Lord Shiva Select
Malati Girl Fragrant Flower Select
Mita, Meeta Girl A Friend Select
Sahar Boy Sun; Dawn Select
Trilochana Girl Lord Shiva Select
Gurudutt Boy Gift Of The Guru Select
Sadabindu Boy Lord Vishnu Select
Padmabandhu Boy Friend Of Lotus ( Bee , Sun ) Select
Parasmani Girl Touchstone Select
Bharadwaj Boy A Lucky Bird, Planet Mars Select
Rupa Girl Beautiful Select
Ramani Girl Woman Select
Vineet Boy Modest,Knowledgeable Select
Vinaya Girl Modesty Select
Sanchit Boy Collection, brought together Select
Agnikaa Girl Daughter Of Fire; Born From The Fire Select
Tilottama Girl A Celestial Maiden Select
Triveni Girl Confluence Of Three Sacred Rivers Select
Nandish Boy Lord Shiva (Nandishwar) Select
Dayanand Boy One Who Likes Being Merciful Or Kind Select


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