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Most popular Indian Hindu Names

Names Gender Meaning Favorite Names
Anupam Boy Incomparable Select
Vineet Boy Modest,Knowledgeable Select
Bali Boy Mighty Warrior Select
Rasna Girl The Tongue Select
Lopa Girl Wife Of A Sage Select
Mausumi, Maushmi Girl Monsoon Wind Select
Samik Boy Peace,Peaceful Select
Prajit Boy Kind Hearted Select
Jayesh Boy Victor Select
Shivam Boy Auspicious;Lord Shiva Select
Krishna Boy Black, Dark, Lord Krishna Select
Preetha Girl One who is happy Select
Puneet Boy Pure, Holy Select
Ratish Boy Lord Of Love Select
Urja Girl Energy Select
Suvarna, Swarna Girl Golden Select
Naveen, Navin Boy New Select
Surina Girl A Goddess Select
Poorna Girl Complete Select
Varuna Girl Wife of the sea Select
Shivanne Girl Goddess parvati Select
Parvati Girl A River Select
Devraj Boy King Of Gods ( Lord Indra) Select
Saraswati Girl Goddess Of Learning Select
Dinesh Boy Sun, God Of The Day Select
Manjusha Girl A Box Select
Madangopal Boy Lovely Cowherd ( Lord Krishna ) Select
Partha Boy Arjun, King Select
Parasmani Girl Touchstone Select
Jagadeesh Boy Lord Of The World, Lord Vishnu , God Select
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