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Most popular Indian Hindu Names

Names Gender Meaning Favorite Names
Ratish Boy Lord Of Love Select
Lukesh Boy King Of The Empire Select
Vadish Boy Lord Of The Body Select
Yousha Girl Young girl Select
Paru Girl Master; Furnished; Knowledge Select
Kaladhar Boy One Who Shows Different Phases ( I.E. The Moon) Select
Champa Girl Fragrant Flower Select
Sadanand Boy Always Joyous, Lord Vishnu Select
Tapan Boy Summer,The Sun Select
Divjot Boy Divine Light Select
Vedanth Boy The One Who Has Read The Vedas Select
Mausumi, Maushmi Girl Monsoon Wind Select
Sudha Girl Nectar Select
Iresh Boy Lord Of Earth, Vishnu Select
Ashirvad Boy Blessing Select
Gajra Girl String Of Flowers Select
Yatin Boy Ascetic,Devotee Select
Lopa Girl Wife Of A Sage Select
Chandradatt Boy Gift From The Moon Select
Naresh Boy Lord Of Men Select
Tilottama Girl A Celestial Maiden Select
Suruchi Girl Good Taste Select
Jayaprabha Girl Light Of Victory Select
Moti Boy Pearl Select
Anukrithi Girl A picture Select
Angak Boy Son Select
Madhukant Boy Moon Select
Raman Boy Pleasing, Beloved, Kamdev Select
Dhyanam Boy Attentive Select
Pravit Boy Hero Select
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