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Most popular Indian Hindu Names

Names Gender Meaning Favorite Names
Adinath Boy Father of bharata & bahubali Select
Kamlesh Boy Hindu Boy Select
Kamran Boy Success Select
Trishala Girl Trident Select
Mitul Boy Limited, Friend Select
Keshini Girl A Woman With Beautiful Hairs Select
Chandrakala Girl Phases Of The Moon Select
Sudeepta Girl Bright Select
Sati Girl Chaste Woman Select
Nirmit Boy Created Select
Praseeda Girl be pleased Select
Kalanath Boy Moon Select
Shinjini Girl Anklebells Select
Rushabh Boy Decoration Select
Avkash Boy Leisure Select
Prabir Boy Hero, Brave One ( Praveer ) Select
Divjot Boy Divine Light Select
Suchit Boy Person With A Sound Mind Select
Sushant Boy Quiet, Peaceful Person Select
Shefalika Girl A Flower Select
Shiven Boy Lord Shiva Select
Deeptanshu Boy Shining Light, Sun Select
Javesh Boy Related To God Select
Sadanand Boy Always Joyous, Lord Vishnu Select
Rajesh Boy God Of Kings, Emperor Select
Rupesh Boy Lord Of Beauty Select
Naresh Boy Lord Of Men Select
Eravati Girl Name Of Goddess Select
Urja Girl Energy Select
Faria Girl Caravan Select
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