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Most popular Indian Hindu Names

Names Gender Meaning Favorite Names
Bhudev Boy Lord Of Earthe Select
Sahastrajit Boy Victor Of Thousands, Thousand Times Victorious, Lord Krishna, Lord Vishnu Select
Tapani Girl River Godavari Select
Askha Boy More Liberal Select
Dhatri Boy A Son Of Vishnu, Lakshmi Select
Pariket Boy Against Desire Select
Naakesh Boy Moon Select
Chintan Boy Thought Select
Vineeta Girl Humble, modest Select
Praseeda Girl be pleased Select
Gajra Girl String Of Flowers Select
Kamran Boy Success Select
Sushant Boy Quiet, Peaceful Person Select
Mandakini Girl A River Select
Manorama Girl Beautiful Select
Shilpita Girl Well- Proportioned Select
Suneeti Girl Mother Of Dhruva Select
Adisakthi Girl Godess durga Select
Lakshmishree Girl Fortunate Select
Suchit Boy Person With A Sound Mind Select
Sumita Girl A Good Friend Select
Suhrita Girl Well-Disposed Select
Padmaj Boy Born From Lotus ( Lord Bramha) Select
Rushabh Boy Decoration Select
Abra Boy Fire ,cloud Select
Nirmay Boy Pure Select
Sarala, Sarla Girl Straight Select
Gaman Boy Hindu Boy Select
Pramila Girl One Of Arjuna's Wives Select
Varad Boy God Of Fire Select
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