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Most popular Indian Hindu Names

Names Gender Meaning Favorite Names
Anaya Girl God answer Select
Aniruddh Boy Grandson Of Lord Krishna Select
Amolika Girl Priceless Select
Sakshi Girl Witness Select
Anjali Girl Offering With Both Hands Select
Ashmit Boy Pride Select
Akarsh Boy Attractive Select
Divya Girl Heavenly, Brilliant, Extraordinary Select
Sahana Girl Patience Select
Amoli Girl Precious Select
Sia, Siya Girl Sita -Wife Of Lord Rama Select
Apurva, Apoorva Girl Unique Select
Ishan Boy Sun, Lord Shiva, Lord Vishnu Select
Khyati Girl Fame Select
Mishti Girl Sweetness Select
Raahi Boy Traveller Select
Kiya Girl The cooing of a bird or melodious Select
Parnika Girl Auspicious Apsara Select
Paridhi Girl Realm Select
Palak Girl Eyelash Select
Varushka Girl

Giver of happiness

Amita Girl Without Limit Select
Anuradha Girl Name Of A Star Select
Harshita Girl Joyous Select
Aaral Girl Flower Select
Rea, Ria Girl Flower Name For Poppy Select
Ashita Girl River Yamuna Select
Pragya Girl Wisdom Select
Avishi Girl Earth, River Select
Vanya Girl Gracious gift of god Select
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