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Most popular Indian Hindu Names

Names Gender Meaning Favorite Names
Madanmohan Boy Ovely & Attractive (Lord Krishna) Select
Kaushalya Girl Mother Of Rama Select
Sahadev Boy Protected By Gods,Prince Select
Parveen Girl A Star Select
Varad Boy God Of Fire Select
Samedh Boy Full Of Strength Select
Jayadeep Boy Light Of Victory Select
Shilpita Girl Well- Proportioned Select
Devarshi Boy

Sage Of Devas

Anu Girl An atom ,Angel Select
Manjira Girl Ornament Select
Lana Girl Bouyant or Float Select
Mithilesh Girl The King Of Mithila, Janak, Father Of Sita Select
Jasveer Boy Hero Of Fame, Victorious Select
Sucharita Girl Of Good Character Select
Shasvat Boy Eternal Constant Select
Prem Boy Love Select
Subhagya Girl Lucky Select
Paranjay Boy Lord Of The Sea Select
Charanjit Boy One Who Has Won Over The Lord ( Charanjeet ) Select
Sati Girl Chaste Woman Select
Rajesh Boy God Of Kings, Emperor Select
Keval Boy Only Select
Shanay Boy Power Of Lord Shani Select
Niteesh Boy The God Of Law, One Well Versed In Law Select
Mahendra Boy Lord Indra, Vishnu Select
Nishad Boy The 7th Note On Indian Musical Scale, One Who Eats Only In The Night Select
Ratnali Girl A Jewelled Select
Suneeti Girl Mother Of Dhruva Select
Bhuvanesh Boy Lord Of The Earth ( Bhuvaneshwar ) Select
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