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Most popular Indian Hindu Names

Names Gender Meaning Favorite Names
Avneesh Boy God Of Earth Select
Bhushan Boy Ornament Select
Dhanaraj Boy King Of Wealth ( Kuber ) Select
Mausumi, Maushmi Girl Monsoon Wind Select
Yashas Boy Fame Select
Shan Boy Pride; Prestige Select
Varesh Boy Lord Shiva Select
Jinesh Boy Hindu Boy Select
Chandrakanta Girl Wife Of The Moon Select
Nishad Boy The 7th Note On Indian Musical Scale, One Who Eats Only In The Night Select
Nishithini Girl Night Select
Rwiju Boy Straight; Erected Select
Yousha Girl Young girl Select
Gaayatree Girl A sacred verse, a Goddess Select
Jasveer Boy Hero Of Fame, Victorious Select
Tanul Boy

To Expand, Progress.

Kumari Girl Unmarried Select
Swapna Girl A Dream Select
Sati Girl Chaste Woman Select
Shitiz Boy Horizon Select
Rajaneesh, Rajnish Boy God Of Night (Moon) Select
Lochan Boy Bright eyes Select
Kalidas Boy Devotee Of Godess Kali, Name Of A Famous Poet Of India Select
Yedhu Boy Select
Ratna Girl Jewel Select
Askha Boy More Liberal Select
Yamuna Girl Holy River Select
Manoop Boy Son Select
Urja Girl Energy Select
Nilesh, Neelesh Boy Blue God ( Lord Krishna), God Of Blue Sky (I.E. Moon) Select


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