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Most popular Indian Hindu Names

Names Gender Meaning Favorite Names
Punit Boy Holy ,Pure Select
Tarjani Girl The First Finger Select
Praket Boy Intelligence Select
Sarasvati Girl A Holy River Select
Sudeepa Girl Bright Select
Falguni, Phalguni Girl Born In Falgun, A Hindu Month Select
Sanchay Boy Collection Select
Agnimithra Girl Friend of fire Select
Bhupesh Boy King Select
Dhanaraj Boy King Of Wealth ( Kuber ) Select
Nirmay Boy Pure Select
Taru Girl Small Plant Select
Nishithini Girl Night Select
Akta Girl Anointed Select
Jagadev Boy Lord of the world Select
Keval Boy Only Select
Haridutt Boy Gift Of Hari Select
Prem Boy Love Select
Prema Girl Love Select
Suryansh Boy Part Of Sun Select
Chandana Girl Sandal wood, parrot Select
Gurudutt Boy Gift Of The Guru Select
Savitri Girl A Form Of The Devi Select
Charanjit Boy One Who Has Won Over The Lord ( Charanjeet ) Select
Sarojini Girl Lotus Select
Saurav Boy Divine, Celestial Select
Vinay Boy Good Manners, Modesty Select
Varesh Boy Lord Shiva Select
Mahavir Boy Most Courageous Amongst Men Select
Rasik Boy Elegance Select
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