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Most popular Indian Hindu Names

Names Gender Meaning Favorite Names
Tamish Boy God Of Darkness (Moon) Select
Shoni Girl One of complexion of red lotus Select
Tarjani Girl The First Finger Select
Niketan Boy House, Abode Select
Yamuna Girl Holy River Select
Swapna Girl A Dream Select
Suneeti Girl Mother Of Dhruva Select
Saurav Boy Divine, Celestial Select
Vinay Boy Good Manners, Modesty Select
Nirmay Boy Pure Select
Utkarsh Boy Prosperity, Awakening Select
Godavari Girl A River In India Select
Mukesh Boy Lord Of The Dumb, A Cloth Made Of Golden And Silver Threads, Kamdev Select
Shanta Girl Peaceful Select
Nimish Boy Time For Flicker Of An Eye, Moment Select
Shalok Boy Select
Daruka Boy Deodar Tree Select
Josh Boy Enthusiasm, satisfaction, pleasure Select
Bhuvanesh Boy Lord Of The Earth ( Bhuvaneshwar ) Select
Mahadev Boy Most Powerful God Select
Mahendra Boy Lord Indra, Vishnu Select
Onella Girl Light Select
Ishwari Girl Goddess Select
Nilesh, Neelesh Boy Blue God ( Lord Krishna), God Of Blue Sky (I.E. Moon) Select
Jayaprada Girl One Who Gives Victory Select
Atman Boy The Self Select
Bhrigu Boy A Prajapati Hindu Boy Select
Anmol Girl Priceless Select
Bhadra Girl Gentle,Blessed Select
Mani Boy Gem Select
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