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Most popular Indian Hindu Names

Names Gender Meaning Favorite Names
Jayasudha Girl Nectar Of Victory Select
Poonish Boy Lord Of The Pious Select
Sadavir Boy Always Brave,Ever Courageous Select
Vasu Boy Wealth, Lord Vishnu Select
Shoni Girl One of complexion of red lotus Select
Niteesh Boy The God Of Law, One Well Versed In Law Select
Dharma Boy Hindu Boy Select
Jasraj Boy King Of Fame Select
Shalok Boy Select
Janmesh Boy The King Of His Kundli Select
Sahisht Boy Strongest; Most Powerful Select
Ainesh Boy The son's glory Select
Varija Girl Lotus Select
Shital Girl A place of water for sea Select
Josh Boy Enthusiasm, satisfaction, pleasure Select
Tapi Girl A River Select
Tripta Girl Satisfaction Select
Balashankar Boy Young Lord Shiva Select
Atman Boy The Self Select
Shitiz Boy Horizon Select
Subha Girl Auspicious Select
Hemaraj Boy King Of Gold Select
Nimesh Boy Select
Pinak Boy Bow Of Shiva Select
Saroja Girl Lotus Select
Kintan Boy Wearing A Crown Hindu Boy Select
Kshithiraj Boy King Select
Dayanidhi Boy Kind Person Select
Balachandra Boy Young Moon Select
Dharma Boy Law ( Religious) Select
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