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Most popular Indian Hindu Names

Names Gender Meaning Favorite Names
Tripta Girl Satisfaction Select
Poonish Boy Lord Of The Pious Select
Sahisht Boy Strongest; Most Powerful Select
Rajnish Boy Moon Select
Vanij Boy Lord Shiva Select
Keertan Boy Form of worship Select
Taru Girl Small Plant Select
Dayasagar Boy Extremely Kind, Sea Of Mercy Select
Pavithritha Girl Happy Select
Bhushan Boy Ornament Select
Praney Boy Obedient Select
Ritul Boy Select
Ainesh Boy The son's glory Select
Balachandra Boy Young Moon Select
Navneeth Boy Select
Hemadri Boy Mountain Of Gold Select
Dhanvantari Boy Doctor Of Gods Select
Nabhya Boy Central Select
Gangi Girl Goddess Durga Select
Hemaraj Boy King Of Gold Select
Prajin Boy Kind Hearted Select
Mithilesh Boy Lord Of Mithila ( Sita's Father ) Select
Rasesh Boy Lord Krishna Select
Nishad Boy The 7th Note On Indian Musical Scale, One Who Eats Only In The Night Select
Shobhana Girl Beautiful Select
Shitiz Boy Horizon Select
Janam Boy Select
Lochan Boy Bright eyes Select
Dharma Boy Law ( Religious) Select
Sahat Boy Mighty; Strong Select
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