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Most popular Indian Hindu Names

Names Gender Meaning Favorite Names
Kartyayani Girl Another name of parvathi Select
Badal Boy Cloud Select
Padmakalyani Girl Name of a Raga Select
Nishad Boy The 7th Note On Indian Musical Scale, One Who Eats Only In The Night Select
Swapnali Girl Dreamlike Select
Rwiju Boy Straight; Erected Select
Chandarmouli Boy Lord Shiva Select
Pushkal Boy Lord Shiva Select
Rambha Girl Celestial Dancer Select
Ruma Girl Wife A Sugriva Select
Amari Girl No Sign Of Stopping Anything Select
Maushmi Girl Monsoon wind Select
Praful Boy Playful / In Bloom Select
Rochan Boy Red Lotus, Bright Select
Poorvaganga Girl River Narmada Select
Nishil Boy Night Select
Jilesh Boy Hindu Boy Select
Divakar Boy Sun Select
Balraj Boy Mighty, Powerful Select
Nabhya Boy Central Select
Gangika Girl River ganga Select
Samprit Boy Pleased Delighted Select
Sushama Girl Beauty Select
Raghuveer/vir Boy Brave Man Of The Raghu Clan (Rama) Select
Raghuram Boy Lord Rama Select
Chandra Girl Moon Select
Swarit Boy Towards Heaven Select
Gouresh Boy Hindu Boy Select
Sadiva Boy Eternal ,Like Truth Select
Rohak Boy Rising Select
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