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Most popular Indian Hindu Names

Names Gender Meaning Favorite Names
Ruma Girl Wife A Sugriva Select
Bholanath Boy Lord Shiva Select
Gangi Girl Goddess Durga Select
Minesh Boy Select
Stavita Girl Praised Select
Hanuman Boy A Devotee Of Lord Ram, Son Of Anjani Select
Nand Boy Happy Select
Pritesh Boy Lord Of Love Select
Padmadhar Boy One Who Holds A Lotus ( Lord Vishnu) Select
Soma Girl Moon-Rays Select
Oorjit Boy Powerful, Strong Select
Sarama Girl Wife Of Bibhisan Select
Parmesh Boy Lord Vishnu Select
Sunandita Girl Happy Select
Pushkal Boy Lord Shiva Select
Satyam Boy Honesty Select
Ravi Boy Sun, Fire,Benevolent, Sun God Select
Rusheek Boy Son Of Saint Select
Induja Girl Narmada River In India Select
Sunetra Girl One With Beautiful Eyes Select
Tapas Boy Heat, Penance Select
Pradhyot Boy Ray Of Light Select
Sunil Boy Lord Krishna Select
Srihith Boy Select
Oni Girl Shelter Select
Neelabh Boy Object In The Sky ( Cloud, Moon) Select
Talank Boy Lord Shiva Select
Vibhor Boy Ecstatic Select
Madhup Boy Honeybee Select
Badal Boy Cloud Select
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