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Most popular Indian Hindu Names

Names Gender Meaning Favorite Names
Jaideep Boy Victory to the light Select
Padmakalyani Girl Name of a Raga Select
Shushma Girl Beautiful Woman Select
Manmayi Girl Mistrustful Select
Kamalaksh Boy One With Beautiful Lotus -Type Eyes Select
Yogendra Boy Again, God Of Yoga Select
Sujaya Girl Great Triumph Select
Savir Boy Leader Select
Harsh joy Boy Hindu Boy Select
Chandrashekhar Boy One Who Holds Moon In His Hair Knot (Lord Shiva) Select
Induja Girl Narmada River In India Select
Sonit Boy Person With Good Intentions Select
Srijan Boy Select
Bansi Boy Flute Select
Akav Boy Like a spark Select
Badal Boy Cloud Select
Poorvaganga Girl River Narmada Select
Shantanu Boy Whole Select
Vikram Boy Praiseworthy Act, Record, The Sun Of Valor Select
Dehabhuj Boy Another Name For Lord Shiva Select
Giriraj Boy Lord Of Mountain ( Himalaya ) Select
Sahaman Boy Victorious Select
Chandresh Boy Lord Of The Moon Select
Suchira Girl Tasteful Select
Swarup Boy Figure Select
Samidh Boy Perfect Full Select
Loknath Boy Lord Of All Worlds, King Select
Subal Boy Lord Shiva Select
Rikin Boy Select
Deendayal Boy One Who Has Mercy On The Downtrodden Or Poor Select


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