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Most popular Indian Hindu Names

Names Gender Meaning Favorite Names
Bhawanidas Boy Devotee Of Godess Durga Select
Jagajeevan Boy Life Of The World, Worldly Life Select
Parthasarathi Boy Charioteer Of Partha ( Lord Krishna) Select
Devitri Boy Hindu Boy Select
Jagannath Boy Lord Of The World Select
Balram Boy Lord Krishna's Brother Select
Sushanti Girl Peace Select
Deendayal Boy One Who Has Mercy On The Downtrodden Or Poor Select
Sunayani Girl One With Beautiful Eyes Select
Shay Boy Gift Select
Ujjwala Girl Bright, Lustrous Select
Minaxi Girl One with fish shaped eyes; Goddess Parvati Select
Gajlakshmee Girl Goddess Lakshmi Select
Agnaeyie Girl Daughter Of Fire Select
Nrip Boy King Select
Chandrashekhar Boy One Who Holds Moon In His Hair Knot (Lord Shiva) Select
Supreet Girl Lovable Select
Wakeeta Girl Beautiful Flower Select
Subal Boy Lord Shiva Select
Sonit Boy Person With Good Intentions Select
Dharmendra Boy King Of Religion Select
Svanik Boy Handsome Select
Vilohit Boy Lord Shiva Select
Loganayaki Girl Goddess Parvati Select
Vishaya Girl Subject Select
Dehabhuj Boy Another Name For Lord Shiva Select
Mandodari Girl Ravan's Wife Select
Sarin Boy Helpful Select
Murali Boy A Flute Select
Ashish blessings Boy Hindu Boy Select
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