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Most popular Indian Hindu Names

Names Gender Meaning Favorite Names
Ratnesh Boy God Of Jewels ( Kuber) Select
Usha Girl Dawn Select
Saral Boy Honest; Simple Select
Chudamani Boy The Best, Crest Jewel Select
Deepanath Boy God of light Select
Kumudaksh Boy Lotus Eyed Select
Indumati Girl Full Moon Select
Sulakshana Girl Well Brought Up Select
Naagpal, Nagpa Boy Saviour Of Serpents ( The Cobras ) Select
Mansukh Boy Pleasure Of Mind Select
Susmit Boy With A Pleasant Smile Select
Sahasin Boy Powerful; Mighty Select
Samarthya Boy Strength Capability Select
Surekha Girl Beautifully Drawn Select
Kshema Girl Prosperity Select
Lalitmohan Boy Beautiful & Attractive Select
Sanisth Boy Gaining Most Select
Parees Boy Touch Stone Select
Renjith Boy Victory Select
Ray Boy Beam Of Light Select
Gopal Boy Lord Krishna, Cow Herd Select
Randheer Boy One Who Shows Bravery & Boldness In War Select
Salaj Boy Water Which Flows From Melted Ice From Mountain Select
Bansilal Boy Lord Krishna Select
Bhisma Boy Dreadful; Terrible; Fear-Inducing; Forbidding Select
Janardan Boy One Who Helps People, Lord Vishnu Select
Priyatha Girl Affection Select
Yadavendra Boy Lord Krishna Select
Naagpati Boy King Of Serpents ( Vaasuki ) Select
Mahipal Boy King Select
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