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Most popular Indian Hindu Names

Names Gender Meaning Favorite Names
Parimal Boy Fragrance Select
Saman Boy Calming Song Of Praise Select
Vaikunth Boy Abode Of Vishnu Select
Sravan Girl Flowing , River Select
Visala Girl Celestial apsara Select
Chandini Girl Moon light Select
Prasutha Girl Flower Select
Surya Boy Sun Select
Digamber Boy Nacked, Lord Shiva Select
Mahipal Boy King Select
Manishankar Boy Lord Shiva Select
Sagni Boy Sacred Fire Select
Salaj Boy Water Which Flows From Melted Ice From Mountain Select
Sahasin Boy Powerful; Mighty Select
Sambit Boy Consciousness Select
Rohinish Boy Moon Select
Taresh Boy God Of The Stars ( Moon) Select
Bansilal Boy Lord Krishna Select
Bhisma Boy Dreadful; Terrible; Fear-Inducing; Forbidding Select
Deepanath Boy God of light Select
Kausudhi Girl Moonlight Select
Devdas Boy Servant Of Lord , A Servant Of Temple Select
Indumati Girl Full Moon Select
Nridev Boy King Amongst Men Select
Ina Boy Lord Surya Select
Parees Boy Touch Stone Select
Renjith Boy Victory Select
Ray Boy Beam Of Light Select
Ramesh Boy God Of Rama (I.E. Lord Vishnu) Select
Gopal Boy Lord Krishna, Cow Herd Select
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