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Most popular Indian Hindu Names

Names Gender Meaning Favorite Names
Saffar Boy Coppersmith Select
Saman Boy Calming Song Of Praise Select
Samarthya Boy Strength Capability Select
Nakhraj Boy Moon Select
Rohinish Boy Moon Select
Taraksh Boy Mountain Select
Basdev Boy Fire Select
Ranjiv Boy Victorious Select
Prateet Boy Well Known, Clear Select
Chandrasen Boy Hindu Boy Select
Rusheel Boy Select
Varin Boy Gifts Select
Jaikrishna Boy

Victory of Lord krishna

Kulina Girl ReWell born, of a good familyvolution Select
Naishadh Boy The name of King Nala, a legendary king from the Mahabharata Select
Jivana Boy One Of 108 Names Of The Sun God Hindu Boy Select
Meghraj Boy God Of Clouds (Lord Indra) Select
Padmapani Boy Lord Bramha Select
Sourabh Boy Fragrance Select
Saral Boy Honest; Simple Select
Savit Boy Sun Select
Kaylor Boy Select
Prabhakar Boy One Which Gives Light ( Eg Sun, Moon, Fire) Select
Devkinandan Boy Son Of Devki - (Lord Krishna) Select
Sravan Girl Flowing , River Select
Deepanath Boy God of light Select
Barindra Boy Ocean Select
Padmayani Boy Lord Brahama; Buddha Select
Dharmadev Boy Lord Of Law Select
Mahabali Boy Strong, One With Great Strength Select


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