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Most popular Indian Hindu Names

Names Gender Meaning Favorite Names
Sourabh Boy Fragrance Select
Taresh Boy God Of The Stars ( Moon) Select
Bhanudas Boy Devotee Of The Sun Select
Jagadish Boy Lord of the universe Select
Vimala Girl Pure, clean, saraswati Select
Shashikala Girl Phases of moon Select
Kamalnayan Boy One With Beautiful Lotus-Type Eyes Select
Saujas Boy Full Of Energy Select
Sahasan Boy Powerful; Mighty Select
Ravinandan Boy Son Of Sun ( Karna ) Select
Salaj Boy Water Which Flows From Melted Ice From Mountain Select
Sahasin Boy Powerful; Mighty Select
Obalesh Boy Lord Shiva Select
Sudeep Boy Bright Select
Naishadh Boy The name of King Nala, a legendary king from the Mahabharata Select
Trinabh Boy Lord Vishnu Select
Naagpati Boy King Of Serpents ( Vaasuki ) Select
Sarvad Boy Lord Shiva Select
Giriraj Boy Lord Of Mountain ( Himalaya ) Select
Manishankar Boy Lord Shiva Select
Sagni Boy Sacred Fire Select
Ray Boy Beam Of Light Select
Shreshta Boy Lord Vishnu Select
Prathyusha Boy Sunrise Select
Omkar Boy Sound Of Om, Divine Sound Select
Saman Boy Calming Song Of Praise Select
Sambit Boy Consciousness Select
Sarish Boy Equal ,Similar Select
Basdev Boy Fire Select
Prasoon Boy Flower Select
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