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Most popular Indian Hindu Names

Names Gender Meaning Favorite Names
Parees Boy Touch Stone Select
Shyamal Girl Dusky Select
Mahabala Boy Strength Select
Manindra Boy Diamond, Lord Of Mind Select
Mimansa Boy A Person Who Is Always Eager To Know Select
Ramesh Boy God Of Rama (I.E. Lord Vishnu) Select
Pandita Boy Scholar Hindu Boy Select
Sourabh Boy Fragrance Select
Sahojit Boy Victorious By Strength Select
Samdarshi Boy Lord Krishna Select
Tungish Boy Lord Shiva; Lord Vishnu Select
Chudamani Boy The Best, Crest Jewel Select
Sravan Girl Flowing , River Select
Kulina Girl ReWell born, of a good familyvolution Select
Sanshray Boy Aim ,Connection; Shelte Select
Surya Boy Sun Select
Nagdhar Boy One Who Adornes Mountain (Lord Krishna) Select
Nishkarsh Boy Result Select
Ranadhira Boy Patient In Battle Select
Parmeet Boy Wisdom Select
Sameep Boy Nearby; Close Select
Shyamali Girl Dusky Select
Sricharan Boy Foot Of Lord Vishnu Select
Omkar Boy Sound Of Om, Divine Sound Select
Tatya Boy Lord Shiva Select
Prateet Boy Well Known, Clear Select
Tapendra Boy Lord Of Heat (Sun) Select
Lord Shiva Boy Lord Vishnu Select
Bandhura Girl Exquisite Select
Gandhaa Girl A sweet smelling Select


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