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Most popular Indian Hindu Names

Names Gender Meaning Favorite Names
Salaj Boy Water Which Flows From Melted Ice From Mountain Select
Sambit Boy Consciousness Select
Taraksh Boy Mountain Select
Bhagavathi Girl Goddess Durga Select
Manimala Girl A string of pearls Select
Digamber Boy Nacked, Lord Shiva Select
Vaikhan Boy Lord Vishnu Select
Parees Boy Touch Stone Select
Hemendu Boy Golden Moon. Select
Padminish Boy Lord Of Lotuses; Sun Select
Indrakanta Girl Indrani ( Shachi ) Select
Manindra Boy Diamond, Lord Of Mind Select
Jagamohan Boy One Who Attracts The World ( Jagatmohan ) Select
Shashikala Girl Phases of moon Select
Veera Boy Brave Select
Saumil Boy Easily Available Select
Udit Boy Grown, Shining, Awakened Select
Lalitmohan Boy Beautiful & Attractive Select
Sanisth Boy Gaining Most Select
Naagraj Boy King Of Serpents, Sheshnaag Select
Tuvijat Boy Lord Indra Select
Pyarelal Boy Lord Krishna Select
Sagni Boy Sacred Fire Select
Pramod Boy Happiness Select
Srinikesh Boy Lord Vishnu Select
Vayun Boy Lively Select
Pradarsh Boy Appearance, Order Select
Sukeshi Girl With Beautiful Hairs Select
Dharmavira Boy Hindu Boy Select
Bhanudas Boy Devotee Of The Sun Select
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