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Most popular Indian Hindu Names

Names Gender Meaning Favorite Names
Sushil Boy Virtuous,Good Charactered Man;Well Mannered Select
Nishkarsh Boy Result Select
Nridev Boy King Amongst Men Select
Naagraj Boy King Of Serpents, Sheshnaag Select
Mimansa Boy A Person Who Is Always Eager To Know Select
Bankim Boy Hindu Boy Select
Taraksh Boy Mountain Select
Bankimchandra Boy Half Moon Select
Sulochana Girl One With Beautiful Eyes Select
Vallabh Boy Dear, Beloved Select
Sukeshi Girl With Beautiful Hairs Select
Navrang Boy Beautiful Select
Chandini Girl Moon light Select
Upasna Girl Worship Select
Manimala Girl A string of pearls Select
Yajnesh Boy Lord Vishnu Select
Vaikhan Boy Lord Vishnu Select
Dharmadev Boy Lord Of Law Select
Vrishab Boy Excellent Select
Omkar Boy Sound Of Om, Divine Sound Select
Gajanan Boy One With An Elephant Face ( Lord Ganesh) Select
Sudeep Boy Bright Select
Rajanikant Boy Lord Of Night ( The Moon) Select
Baiju Boy Sun ,source of energy Select
Jaichand Boy Victory of the moon Select
Chintana Girl meditation Select
Sarvad Boy Lord Shiva Select
Mandhatri Boy Prince Select
Meghraj Boy God Of Clouds (Lord Indra) Select
Vir Boy Brave Select
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