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Names Gender Meaning Favorite Names
Mudra Girl Expression Select
Mudrika Girl Ring Select
Mugdha Girl Spellbound Select
Mukesh Boy Lord Of The Dumb, A Cloth Made Of Golden And Silver Threads, Kamdev Select
Mukta Boy Means A Pearl In Telugu Select
Mukta Girl Pearl Select
Muktanand Boy Happiness Of Freedom Select
Mukti Girl Ultimate Freedom Select
Mukul Boy Bud, Body, Earth , Soul Select
Mukunda Boy Freedom Giver, Mercury ( Element ), Jewel, Vishnu, Krishna Select
Muni Boy Village God Select
Murali Boy A Flute Select
Muralidhar Boy One Holding A Flute (I.E. Lord Krishna) Select
Murari Boy Lord Krishna Select
Murugan Boy Tamil God Select
Muskaan Girl Smile Select
Mythili Girl Godess Sita Select


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