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Names Gender Meaning Favorite Names
Tanisha Girl Ambition Select
Tanmay Boy Engrossed,Reincarnated; Concentrate Select
Tanmayi Girl Ecstasy Select
Tannishtha Girl Dedicated Select
Tanu Girl Slim Select
Tanuja Girl Daughter Select
Tanul Boy

To Expand, Progress.

Tanush Boy Lord Shiva Select
Tanushri Girl Beautiful Select
Tanvi Girl Goddess Durga, Beautiful Select
Tanvir Boy Strong Select
Tanya Girl Of The Family Select
Tapan Boy Summer,The Sun Select
Tapani Girl River Godavari Select
Tapas Boy Heat, Penance Select
Tapasi Girl A Female Ascetic Select
Tapasya Girl Meditation Select
Tapati Girl The Sun's Daughter Select
Tapendra Boy Lord Of Heat (Sun) Select
Tapesh Boy The Holy Trinity Select
Tapeshwar Boy Lord Shiva Select
Tapi Girl A River Select
Taporaj Boy Moon Select
Tara Girl Star Select
Tarachandra Boy Star & Moon Select


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