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Names Gender Meaning Favorite Names
Jaisinha Boy Victorious lion Select
Jaisukh Boy Joy of winning Select
Jaithra Boy Lord Vishnu Select
Jakarious Boy Peaceful Friend* Select
Jalavirya Boy Son of water Select
Jalbhushan Boy Ornament Of Water ( Means Wind) Select
Jaldev Boy God Of Water (Lord Varun) Select
Jaldhar Boy One Who Holds Water ( Meaning Cloud) Select
Jalendu Boy Reflection Of The Moon In Water Select
Jamadagni Boy Consuming fire Select
Janak Boy Father Of Sita According To Ramayana, Creator Select
Janakibhushan Boy Ornament Of Janki ( Lord Rama) Select
Janakinath Boy Lord Rama Select
Janakiraman Boy Lord Rama Select
Janam Boy Select
Janardan Boy One Who Helps People, Lord Vishnu Select
Janav Boy Protecting men Select
Janesh Boy King Select
Janith Boy Born Select
Janmesh Boy The King Of His Kundli Select
Janya Boy Born Select
Japan Boy Muttering prayers Select
Japendu Boy Lord Shiva Select
Japesh Boy Lord Shiva Select
Jarnu Boy Moon Select


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